Reasons to Practice Yoga Outside

There are loads of absolutely stunning yoga studios all around the world. Once you come in, all the atmosphere helps you speed down, relax and calm. 

But, we know another great place you might want to try for yoga practice. What’s important, it is suitable for you no matter where you live. You don’t even pay for this exceptional place! This place is just behind the corner. Or, to be more specific, behind your front door.  

There is something magical in taking your practice outside. You connect with nature, soak in the sunshine, seek deeper inspiration, and feel your awareness expand. Here are even more reasons for you to try practicing yoga outside. 

A jolt of fresh air

Exercising in nature not only transforms your mood but also improves your overall performance. It can even boost your stamina. Taking your yoga out into the open air can revolutionize your practice by infusing it with newfound vitality. The physiological benefits of the detoxified oxygen levels occurring in nature will also help to stimulate blood flow and muscular performance, which will in turn also help to soothe and calm the mind in preparation for meditation.

Expand your horizons

Science is now proving that fully taking in your surroundings and having a wider panorama helps you more easily slip into a state of relaxation, resourcefulness, and creativity. 

So, take your practice and your awareness outside into beautiful surroundings and enjoy the increased relaxation states that expanding your horizons brings.

Improve your mood

Birds singing, a cool breeze on your skin, and the sunlight shining on your face – it’s really not difficult to understand why spending time outdoors makes us happier.

According to a recent study in the Environmental Science and Technology Journal, participants who regularly exercised in a natural outdoor environment reported a significant decrease in tension, anger, and depression, and an increase in enjoyment, satisfaction and energy compared to those performing the same activity indoors. So, start venturing outdoors more regularly and boost your mood and energy levels. 

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September 12, 2022

Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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